Speed is Money in Glass Container Manufacture

Amir Novini discusses ways to increase production line speeds at the cold end, while minimizing the money spent on conveyance and other material handling and inspection equipment, overall plant maintenance and labor costs. Glass Worldwide Magazine, January-February 2019. Read More.

Stop Searching for Defects in Glass Containers

Amir Novini discusses the way to evolve glass container inspection is to stop searching for defects, making defects reveal themselves instead. Glass Worldwide Magazine, November-December 2018. Read More.

What’s New in Glass Container Inspection?

Amir Novini of Applied Vision discusses the latest inspection technologies designed to examine the ever-more complex shapes, colors and textures that glass makers demand. Glass International Magazine, September 2018. Read More.

Applied Vision Exceeds 2010 Forecast by 35%

Applied Vision Corp. (Akron, OH, USA), which provides machine-vision inspection systems for the container manufacturing industry, has announced 2010 earnings exceeding the company’s original forecast by 35%, marking the end of a record fiscal year entering 2011. Link to Vision Systems Design; January 2011. Read More.

Six Costly Mistakes to Avoid

No matter the path, neglecting to address any of several key areas typically results in a vision inspection system that cannot perform as needed, or cannot perform efficiently. Here are six key mistakes to avoid, each in the context of three implementation paths. Link to Vision & Sensors; March 2010. Read More.

Machine Vision Advances Benefit Motion Applications

Machine vision systems are playing an increasingly important role in many industrial applications, whether it is counting parts on an assembly line or examining container surfaces for defects. This article quotes Amir Novini and other machine vision/motion control experts on the state of the industry today and what the future holds for a broad range of manufacturers. Article reprint from NASA Tech Briefs August 2008. Read More.

Applied Vision’s exclusive in-line VTRAC™ Technology pinpoints machines causing container defects

A breakthrough development in machine vision technology now enables container manufacturers to correct the source of a defect trend earlier and faster than ever previously possible. VTRAC™ intelligent machine software by Applied Vision Company delivers the advantage exclusively as an enhancement in the company’s Genius® and KromaKing® inspection systems. Article reprint from Machine Vision Online May 2007. Read More.

Quality Test & Inspection: Machine Vision Achieves More

Machine vision systems achieve more of what manufacturers need now. Article reprint from Quality Magazine February 13, 2007. Read More.